Paypall option HELP

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02-01-2007 20:37:59

Well i'm going to start soon for the 300$ paypall option here are my questions.

1. Is it possible not to go through paypall, maybe through a check or something

2. Since i am from canada will i get $300 USD or $300 CAD.

3. So when i order what do i have to do for them to send me the what do put for them to send the money to my paypall

Please answer


02-01-2007 21:43:11

1. Yes
2. Not sure
3. There is a notes section where you can tell your paypal address or specify you want a check.


02-01-2007 22:11:08

Checks ship just like regular items right...maybe ill just do a check

The check will be in US dollars right or Canadain....


02-01-2007 23:29:51

i'm pretty sure it's in US


03-01-2007 01:33:28

Checks are available by requesting one in the "Special Notes" section. They are drawn on US funds.


09-01-2007 19:16:57

i dunno about canada