Issues with getting credit for referrals on TRAINN? HELP!!

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01-01-2007 11:12:18

I had one referral to the youripodnano site who used my link and signed up and went green. She didn't show up as a referral at all in my account. I submitted a support ticket about it and included her confirmation from TRAINN. They closed the ticket stating that I would not receive credit because she is not my referral.

I have a similar situation on the Nintendowii site. The referral has told me she's gone green, but again she doesn't show up as a referral on my account. She has not sent me a confirmation from TRAINN like the first one did.

Has anyone had similar issues? What can be done to get credit. It makes me just want to quit when it seems like I'm wasting time doing referrals and then TRAINN doesn't give me credit.

I'm concerned these folks might consider me a scammer because I have not paid them (although I have PMd them and kept in touch) but how can I pay when they aren't showing up as referrals to my account. I've had a couple others signed up with no problem whatsoever. Any comments, help would be highly appreciated.


01-01-2007 11:15:14

For proof, take a screenshot of your referral list. Also, have your referrals contact Trainn to ask who their referrer is.


01-01-2007 11:47:27

Thanks for that information. I guess the ball is in their court now, correct. Have you had these issues as well?


01-01-2007 12:13:49

Never had that problem with trainn, problem is most likely on those who signed up under you. I've had a few people sign up under me and accidently "not" sign up under me. I've done a few trainn sites, never happened to me there though. Good luck, hope you get it straightened out. )


01-01-2007 13:01:52

here are ways to make sure that this goes the way you want it to in the future.
1. person clicks on your link
2. when they sign up your referral information should be listed, it is usually your userid # for trainn
3. have them sign up.
4. have them tell you and you check to see if they are yellow
5. if not, open a ticket and have them added
6. then they do the offer


09-01-2007 19:21:05

the ref number must have been wrong