What does this mean?

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12-12-2006 11:07:16

What does this mean?

It says "Order Status ATTN REQUIRED - Please Contact" on my order status page? This is for flashipods4free.com shock

Would appreciate some help please. Thanks. D


12-12-2006 11:39:39

it may have to do with the nets losing streak (
i am not happy about it either....j/k, i have never seen that. maybe the address or something?
i would just contact them


12-12-2006 11:50:16

lol. lol yeah, at least they won last night. Anyway, I had emailed them and also posted a support ticket, hopefully they respond right away.

Would you know what the turn around time is on them replying? Thanks.


30-12-2006 14:51:51

That's a weird bulletin for ATTN