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12-12-2006 09:51:44



12-12-2006 09:59:23

I submitted on the same day as you, and I got approved on the morning of the 9th business day (12/7) for their Wii site. Personally I would submit a ticket, it is way after their estimate...but I am impatient and I like to let them know that I'm


13-12-2006 09:09:53

Ok....still no response, but a support ticket has been sent to TRAINN. Still waiting to hear from Trainn-Alan on here!! If you hear me Alan, please PM me!!!


13-12-2006 10:16:14

I hope I don't have to wait that long for my 250 cash. The approval time needs to fixed because they say 5-7 business days on the site but most people say they got approved on the 8th or 9th business day.
Edit APPROVED! Looks like its really 9 business days to get approved. Almost 2 weeks. I just placed an order for 250 paypal. It should get here saturday despite it say shipping estimate dec 24th since paypal isn't shipped to your house lol .


18-12-2006 15:16:04

bump!! Still looking for help!


18-12-2006 18:10:59

It's been one week, and they still haven't answered my support ticket. They should hire more people.


18-12-2006 18:16:50

I requested approval on 12/6 for $250 paypal. I just got approved on 12/18. We will see how long it takes to get the cash.


14-01-2007 18:50:05