How many on average have to be manually credited?

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11-12-2006 22:17:02

I did 22 offers, and I'm having to request manual credit on 6-7 of them. Is this normal?

Also, I misunderstood what it meant by "Full Headers," so I sent in a support ticket for each explaining and including the full email.

Will that work?


12-12-2006 07:04:59

I recently completed about 18 offers on Trainn's sites and had to request manual credit for only two of them ( & pitney bowes).

Which e-mail service are you using? Once you post that people can tell you how to get the full headers.


12-12-2006 09:17:09

No, I got the full headers now. I saw a post on how to get them in Gmail.

Just, I sent them in with a support ticket explaining what happened. Will that be suitable?


12-12-2006 15:35:00

You're not supposed to open support tickets. You're supposed to wait a certain amount of time and then file missing credit reports. Visit the help center on the Trainn site that you're working on; it has all the information that you need.


12-12-2006 15:38:15

I know that you do the Manual Credit Requests.

I did those, but did not include the full headers. I read in another post that if you forget to include all the information, to just send it in a support ticket.


12-12-2006 19:09:01

ah, yes, then do that )


12-12-2006 19:12:58

Alright. Thanks for the help.