changing to referrals from points based on desktops4free

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09-12-2006 18:51:10

Ok everything I have read here leads me to a couple assumption. Firstly it appears that if you change from points based to referrals you get 1 referral per 50 points earned, so if you have 1000 points you should get 20 referrals. I have also read that you need 13 referrals to get the mac mini on desktops4free, but you need 1300 points. So it appears to me that if I change my account to referral based now after I have my 1000 points then I should have 20 referrals which should be enough to get a mac mini. Something seems wrong with that, it seems like cheating basically. Or maybe I have read wrong or misunderstood something.


09-12-2006 22:21:46

Points don't convert to referrals. The only credit retained in that situation is your original offer completion.


11-12-2006 14:53:40

I didn't think that sounded right, thanks for the info.