about to complete desktops4free

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09-12-2006 07:03:31

Hey all I am 80 points away from $500 on desktops4free, anyone have a general idea of how long it takes to receive the $500 paypal?


09-12-2006 07:30:11

I went ahead and finished my remaining 80 points, now all I need is for 2 offers to credit, the homestead offer and the relastin offer, they were suppose to be instant, but a couple of my offers from a week ago took overnight to credit so I am not worried, just wondered if anyone else has completed this site with the points based system, it seemed pretty easy and straightforward. I did the original freeipod.com a long time ago, this is my first free site since definitely easier with the points based system provided I don't get ripped off.


09-12-2006 07:42:21

Verification goes fairly quickly since its just points and not refs. My Flashipod's payment went out after two days of ordering, which is perhaps the fastest I've ever seen.


09-12-2006 07:44:23

cool man thanks a lot, I hope to get the cash in time for chrsitmas as santa is going to get me a new video ipod. My only complaint is that I am santa, it sucks being an adult sometimes.