PS3 Points, Offers, and Referral questions

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03-12-2006 10:32:02

I really want to do this site and get back into the freebie scene but I have a few questions.

I looked around here and couldn't really figure out how many points are needed for the 60gb PS3. How many do I need?

I completed an offer on this site a while back during a trade with someone, and then somehow I did an offer on FreePay's PS3 site but it got credit on Trainn's. roll I guess it was good though because it won't go to waste (90 day thing).

Anyway, I have 2 offers listed as complete and 3 people listed on my ref list. 1 of them scammed me so he's red and I have 1 that I don't know where he got my link from, but didn't do any offers. I have someone else listed that might do an offer, but I'm not sure.

Well, my percent completion is 20%. Does this mean that each offer I do will add a 10% to my percent completion, meaning I would only have to do 10 offers total? I think my account is under the Referral type (or else I'd see the point requirements, right?). So does that have anything to do with it? I'm afraid that if I switch over to points, it'll remove that 20%. Will it?

I already emailed Trainn around last week but they have yet to reply.

Also, since we all know how the PS3 situation is currently like, can we opt for a check or Paypal instead of waiting for Trainn to acquire mass amounts of PS3s?

I'm really pumped about doing this site, but I don't really want to trade or pay people (too many risks/too hectic).

Edit Also, has anyone done this site for the 14 ref 60gb PS3 but with a point type account? How much did it cost?