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02-12-2006 00:05:39

I did the Keen offer, they called me but my phone died (damn battery) so I couldn't get the call. Keen left a message (to start convo press 1 etc..)

How do I complete the offer? I know I can't sign up again...what should I do?


02-12-2006 08:51:53

Call them back?


04-12-2006 17:38:53

what number should I call? (it didn't save the number they used)


28-12-2006 08:19:39

you have to deposit at least 1 dollar into your keen account
after i did that, it credited fairly quickly.


28-12-2006 11:21:31

thanks, I'll do it right now.

Let's hope it works, it has been a while.


28-12-2006 18:56:45

just search for someone to talk to, click on them, they will call you


02-01-2007 14:38:35

Ok I added $1 and had a 3 minute convo with the Keen girl (surprisingly she was getting quite a few things right)

Do you guys thing it will process or am I going to have to do manual?

And how long should I wait until I file manual?


09-01-2007 19:18:01

isn't their anything in help section??


10-01-2007 10:44:04

When I did Keen on TraInn I had to do manual credit.


10-01-2007 12:11:20

K thanks, I submitted for manual on the 4th of Jan. So hoping at least some time next week I'll get credit. fingers crossed.