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01-12-2006 20:13:53

ok, so yes i have read almost every post in the forum on this subject(i think). but here is my "newb" problem....i work a for a large company with over 900 nodes on the network, now the problem i am having is that we all share a single outside IP(i know because i am the netadmin). i have hundreds of possible refs here, but i don't even want to mention this program, due to the possible effect of them all login in at the office. even though they would all have different address and account info. now i can't be the only person with this problem but i can't find a rock solid answer to this question, if anyone knows an answer please let me know, sorry guys i know you all hate questions like this!-josh


01-12-2006 20:44:25

I would strongly encourage you to NOT signup for these sites from work, or any other public PC's (coffee shops, libraries, etc.). It is strongly recommended that you do it from home, and only from home. Many sites go so far as to explicitly state that in their terms, but it's pretty much a well-known rule regardless.

As to the technical specifics, HTTP request headers will typically carry both your internal (private) IP as well as your proxy/gateway/firewall IP. Most modern fraud detection scripts should be able to distinguish between the two, but there is no guarantee. To complicate matters, many companies behind a NAT firewall will issue dynamic IP's to their internal clients, with relatively short lease times. So today, I might have IP, while next week or next month the guy across the hall, or 2 floors down, might have it, and so on. It gets to the point where it is impossible for sites to validate against fraud, and fraud is rampant in this business. Therefore the only safe way to signup is from your personal PC at home, and likewise your refs. You are still free to recruit refs from work, they just need to signup from elsewhere.

It is theoretically possible for a fraud script to be sophisticated enough to detect multiple PC's behind the same firewall, but you cannot count on it. For obvious security reasons, fraud script algorithms are closely held. Otherwise people would exploit or work around them to defraud sites. Some sites are understanding and lenient, especially when you're upfront with them, while others are quite strict and merciless in their enforcement.


01-12-2006 21:00:36

wow, thanx for the fast response! ya thats what i am thinkin, and ya i use dhcp with lease of only 24hrs so ya your info would be correct in my case, but i am worried that i shouldn't even mention it to these people because even if i tell them not to do it at work, they will....they never listen, the only way i could stop them would be to completely control access to any trann site on the server.....but i don't want to have to do that....hmmm...this is a delema because there is a huge referal base there! like 100's!! o-well not worth the risk...thanx again!-josh


09-12-2006 09:15:43

If you're the netadmin why not block access to TraInn sites at work and instead display a notice if someone attempts to visit TraInn that it's blocked to prevent them from being disqualified.



13-12-2006 22:09:14

Hmm....good thinkin but then i can't check my progress from work, lol and what is company time really for? lol i guess i am goin to have to do that!


17-12-2006 15:51:55

[quotee120086f9d="itismejoshy"]Hmm....good thinkin but then i can't check my progress from work, lol and what is company time really for? lol i guess i am goin to have to do that![/quotee120086f9d]

Can't you make an exception for yourself?



17-12-2006 22:00:16

ya i easy could just use the server itself or set my laptop with a static ip and open it up, but most of the time i am not in my office or have my laptop with me, normaly when i get a minute to check i am in the lab or in a room someplace, so ya could make me an exception but that really don't fix the problem....i hope someday they have a more advanced ip tracking system to fix these kind of problems, but o-well, life goes on...