quick question for trainn

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29-11-2006 02:39:21

lets say i have an account with one site and never completed an offer can i sign up again and complete an offer for my freind?

I think people here already ask this question but the search button gives me bad results


29-11-2006 04:14:47

lol, yep, been asked a few times but that's okay.

Yes, so long as you don't pursue completing an offer or anything on the first account, you're absolutely fine.


29-11-2006 15:33:08

I heard this too, but is that for any site or only trainn?


29-11-2006 15:37:17

I know it's true for any of Trainn's sites. Don't do it for Freepay though, they'll probably DQ you. There was another network I was looking at the other day that actually lets you refer yourself (pretty cool), so it would be okay there. But otherwise, contact the company and find out before doing anything, umm, "foolish."


30-11-2006 13:23:16