Wii site question. Difference in bundles?

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28-11-2006 23:04:05

What is the difference in the Gold Bundle and the Silver Bundle? They are both six points but one comes with a wii, game, and nunchuk.. but the other comes with just a wii and a game. Why are these different and who would choose the one without the free extra controller?


29-11-2006 04:15:59

lol, that's a good question


29-11-2006 11:02:17

it's the same thing with the PS3 site. The bronze bundle comes with one game and the silver bundle comes with two games, yet both cost the same number of points.


01-12-2006 22:11:51

anyone know why?


02-12-2006 20:36:00

hmmm...how did i miss that....good question...


02-12-2006 21:01:54

Joshy.. is that a ref link in your sig?


03-12-2006 08:21:40

That link loads the Wii site, then reloads it with his ref link after a couple seconds...


03-12-2006 19:01:02

[quotebb5ee0a7ab="BD2006BD"]Joshy.. is that a ref link in your sig?[/quotebb5ee0a7ab]

I fixed it for him.