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28-11-2006 10:18:02

I decided to go with the offer for, as it's available in Canada, and paypal can be used.

To get the credit, you must register with the site and purchase an item. Also, like all other offers available from 3604free, it's stated that promotional codes and discount coupons will invalidate the offer.

However, a 10 dollar discount is [b083cd60321]automatically[/b083cd60321] applied to all first-time purchases. I'm assuming this coupon falls under the category of those against the rules for achieving the credit.

Can I still receive a credit from Bidz.Com? I'm guessing I would have to make a second purchase? But I would like to know for sure before I go spending more money.




28-11-2006 10:27:46

I used the $10 off coupon and got credit.


28-11-2006 12:01:03

Thanks a lot.

Could Alan confirm this?



28-11-2006 15:47:30

I got credit when I used that promotion as well.


28-11-2006 17:09:03

You have to use that on the first purchase. So it wouldn't matter. I too got credit.