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26-11-2006 16:42:56

I've got a few people interested in doing the Wii trainn site for me, but the only internet access they have is in their dorm room or the campus library. Will there be a problem from Trainn if people sign up like that?


26-11-2006 17:08:56

i havent had a problem with friends signing up for me on any of the sites here at college. My roommate and I signed up for someone for trainn in the same room and both of us passed approval. Just make sure that you dont have the same ip address


26-11-2006 19:08:14

I thought that if you were on a college network you would have the same IP's, but perhaps not. Anyone know for sure?

I tell people here at college to sign up when they go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I go on extension to a nearby church that has wireless, so I sign up there.


27-11-2006 15:04:09

You should be alright. I sent it a support ticket about it because I live on a college campus as well and it seems like they are able to differentiate the connections. Here's what they told me

[quote446857cd6d]"As long are you are participating from a dorm and not a public area (such as library) and each user legitimately follows the rest of our Terms and Conditions, we will still be able to differentiate the account."[/quote446857cd6d]

So I suppose it is okay! Just be careful!


27-11-2006 15:21:36

Awesome )

I wonder about offer completions though...

A lot of the offers I complete just simply send the stuff to the address of my college and don't put in my campus post office box number. I wonder if others will be able to complete the same offers I have with that being true.

I'm at a small college right now though, which is nice, because I'm pretty sure absolutely no one else is doing this here. It sure is fun to talk to people about though. I can't wait to get my 80gb iPod (Wednesday hopefully) to validate what I'm telling them )


28-11-2006 13:20:23

Do not do it from the library

Who knows who has used that computer before to sign up for a site