Big problem with TRAINN =(

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26-11-2006 10:44:31


26-11-2006 10:54:32

this seems to be an ongoing problem before the server upgrade.


You could ask her and see what she did to get her points back.


26-11-2006 11:03:12

Yes I see that but I don't believe she did get her points back lol (


26-11-2006 11:50:10

theyre not going to scam you like that. especially when you have your own email as proof.


26-11-2006 11:59:21

Yep, don't worry too much about it. Just try as hard as you can to be as patient as you can (and it seems as though you've already been quite patient!). Trainn staff will definitely get this worked out for you.

You said you can still see your canceled order, so they'll be able to see that as well which is also evidence that you had enough points to order the Wii.

Good luck though, it'll all work out, hopefully within the week -)


26-11-2006 12:36:18

Thanks for the support guys. =) I am being patient I just wasn't sure if they were ever going to even address my problem. I do have every email TRAINN ever sent me verifying each offer I completed (for all the ones they sent, I believe one or two never got a confirmation email but I still got the points on my account) and I have the email stating my cancellation and the refunding of points. )


26-11-2006 19:09:17

Yep, you'll definitely be fine once they start responding ) It just takes a little while, but not nearly as long as freepay would take )


26-11-2006 20:35:58

Yup, still never got my points back yet. (


27-11-2006 08:22:46

got my problem fixed today although now when i click on support it cannot find the database!


28-11-2006 16:33:30

I would put in a support ticket instead of an email. They usually answer support withen 3 bissuness days. Trust me trainn is not a scam I have gotten well over a thousand from them and am looking forward to anther $500 sometime next month.


28-11-2006 17:06:19

I just got an mail getting my points back! I am so excited I put my order in for the cash prize. Thanks guys and your right I def. didn't get scammed =)


29-11-2006 19:08:51

Okay....nevermind I ordered my 250 cash and everything was great I had all my points and everything but now a day after I ordered it the status says "ATTN required - Please contact" wth is that supposed to mean?!? I smell scam again...they like to put off my prize...I'm getting really frustrated, and like I said this is the first freebie site I have ever tried so I am super skeptical about all this. I emailed them asking them what is up and I'm waiting for a response. I am getting really frustrated though and I may never use a TRAINN freebie site again.


29-11-2006 19:49:16

You smell scam?

Dude...This site is grade A.
I was one of the few who started on their sites when they were brand new more than a year back.
Since that beginning, I've done every site they have, and have gotten paid every time {Got paid $250 this morning from Wii actually =) }

Anyway to answer your question....
You probably didn't specify if you wanted a check or Paypal. And if you DID tell them you wanted Paypal, you probably didn't tell them your Paypal email address..

Just be patient and not a loser. Sorry to be harsh, I hate when people bag on Trainn like 15-year olds run the site and are out to make a quick buck....


29-11-2006 20:06:29

It must have been because of the check or paypal because I didn't specify that. Honestly, I didn't realize I needed to. I apologize for getting upset about this but you need to understand I have barely heard of freebie sites before this and I have never tried one. Half of my friends STILL don't believe me even when my other friend has gotten hundreds of dollars off of these sites and an iPod. So it's just frustrating when it doesn't work because I have been really patient and I am trying to figure out why things aren't working out.


29-11-2006 22:52:59

Taking your time and having patience is the key. When you are doing a freebie site or an offer for a freebie site, if the server seems to lag or pages won't load, then don't do anything and give it some time. Especially with offers as you don't want it to show you did the offer "twice" even though you didn't.

Also, make sure that you read [ib8b8a51693]everything[/ib8b8a51693] so that you are filling out everything completely and you'll have less of a wait time. wink


29-11-2006 23:22:14

thanks for the help I just get really excited about these things and it kills me to see I have to wait longer that's all haha


30-11-2006 14:16:43

Thats nothing, try doing a freeproject site as your first freebie site lol, get put on hold twice for bullshit reasons and then when they take you off of hold you have to wait 3+ months for your $185. I know its exiting and with it being your first freebie site your still not to sure if its legit. But you have to have some sirius patience if your going to make any kind of a "carrier" out of freebie sites.


30-11-2006 19:45:13

Ouch, yeah I am started to realize what is needed. I am just freaking out about getting this money lol and I'm kinda broke now so I need it but yeah I am still waiting to hear from TRAINN about my order status.


02-12-2006 11:00:33

I just got an email from TRAINN saying he will ship my check in one to two days =) I guess patience really does work with these sites, thanks for the supportive responses guys.