Same offers?

Live forum:


25-11-2006 12:13:08

If I complete the offer, will my referrals not have the option of doing it?


25-11-2006 13:22:27

On Trainn all your referrals can do the same offer... As long as it doesn't look like a walk through.


28-11-2006 13:21:14

All of my offers on did the same offer and I have recived my product


28-11-2006 16:25:08

Yep you will be fine. Its quite commen for your refferals (especially if there friends and haven't done any freebie sites before) to all/mostly do the same offers such as,AOL,Blockbuster since those are cheap,easy,and services that most people would be truly intrested in trying out. Just don't tell them wich offer to do.