anyone had this problem?

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25-11-2006 08:06:49

trainn 360 games
did an offer got 2 refs got approved got my item. account reset.
got 3 refs did an offer that is pending, got one more ref pending so i did another offer today -> got credit. strangely enough it will not let me order/submit approval
anyone had this?
i opened a ticket...


25-11-2006 08:33:25

lol, I haven't done the games site, but from my experiences with many of their other sites, I've never had that happen. Strange though o


25-11-2006 12:20:19

It's pretty unusual this week. My friend also tried to order on's point site, but was not able to because he has 12 points now, even though he had 562 points before trying to order $250 paypal cash during the time trainn's sites were slowed. He opened a ticket as well... and he missed payment this morning. Even though he had on his points two days ago (


27-11-2006 08:25:12

all fixed
waiting for netflix credit to get my 3rd time thru after this second one goes thru )