Ordering problem? With the server lagginess

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24-11-2006 15:00:56

Ok it took my friend like 2 hours to login, submit a $250 order on youripodnano4free.com, and fill in his paypal info, shipping info etc etc... I think he might have a problem. He never received an email order confirmation from trainn, which my brother received his email immediately after he requested paypal, and on my friend's progress page, it says he can't re-order anymore because I don't have enough points (It was like 562 before, and now it's down to 12 points). I told him to check http//www.youripodnano4free.com/orders.php but it keeps redirecting it to http//www.youripodnano4free.com/progress.php, but it's a blank page because of the site's slowliness. I told my friend totry to submit a Support ticket, but it would take at least 30 more minutes. | So I'm asking anyone if they experience this problem before and what happened? Because as of now, he has 12 points when he already done 562 points (confirmed btw), and now he's freaking out that he has to start all over again


24-11-2006 15:10:27

Check this out



24-11-2006 15:12:29

Yeah I know why the server is slow, but it doesn't answer by concern about why my friend has 12 points now without any order confirmation. (


24-11-2006 15:17:20

try logging in after midnight and check your status. If he can get to his progress page now, it should say 'received' if he did submit his order.


24-11-2006 15:30:51

Yeah he can log in to his progress page, but it takes a couple tries. But it still doesn't say "Received!" on his progress page. ( Only 12 points.