Credit went to wrong site!!!!

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18-11-2006 20:52:39

I had two trainn sites open at once, and i had already completed an offer on the Wii site, and i was completing one on the free ipods site. But, somehow, the credit went to the Wii site instead of the iPod site. Is it possible to get this transferred?Please help!!!!


18-11-2006 21:16:57

file a support ticket


18-11-2006 22:21:08

I did, but, doesnt the Admin check this site 2?


19-11-2006 04:13:29


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19-11-2006 08:25:41

I'm not sure if they'll transfer it, but if any major network would it would be TraInn. The likely reason the credit went to the wrong site is cookies. You should delete all cookies and temp int files before completing offers, because the original cookie from the last site you went to, might have left a cookie. So when you did the offer on the ipod site, the wii cookie took precedence and therefore you got credit on it instead.


19-11-2006 10:10:14

They'll transfer it for you, nothing to worry about.


19-11-2006 13:15:03

yeah...your cookies just got messed up


19-11-2006 14:18:58

Could someone edit the cookies and give credit to both sites for one offer? No clue how it would be done, but just curious. haha


19-11-2006 20:53:17