Waiting 3 months for 30gb ipod to ship

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07-11-2006 16:09:59

I finished YFVI.com in early September, like account is approved and everything, order was put through.

I got NOTHING. I opened a support ticket, the one I sent out tonight was the 4th one, asking about my order,a nd they said they will reship it, that was 3 weeks ago and still nothing.

I figured maybe starting a thread here someone at Trainn will see this and maybe I'll actually get my reward sooner then NEVER.

I am extremely disappointed on how long its taking.


07-11-2006 16:44:06

Perhaps you would like to include the rest of the details to the story. We have already sent the item twice.

Account specific inquiries must be handled through the site. Since you have already said you opened a ticket, please wait for the reply to it.



07-11-2006 19:22:07

Do you live in a REALLY bad area? You should get sig confirmation, that way, the driver won'y leave the item at the door.


07-11-2006 19:51:26

wow. they shipped out twice and your complaining. roll