approved, but order problem

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20-10-2006 11:01:49

so last friday, oct 13 i was approved for dvdrecorders after about a week?

i placed my order for the 400$ through paypal but after i submitted info it page went to a blank one so i assumed that the order went through

i went back to the status page and unlike it should be (where theres a bar that says "order history" or a link that i can click it says "You have completed the requirements and placed your order. To view the status of your order, please refer to the "Order History" section below."

so i waited for my payment on friday night and on wednesday and havent gotten anything and my status page never gave me that link below the bar

i opened a ticket telling them my problem and they said "We do not have any record of the order being placed."

the problem is i cant place another order because the link to do so is missing and just contains text

do they think i already ordered or not? waht should i do?


20-10-2006 12:40:53

open a support ticket telling them what you just told us....that the link isnt there cause you already placed it.