How long do missing credit requests normally take?

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07-10-2006 09:50:19

I submitted missing credit requests for two offers 17 days ago and haven't had any response from TRAINN, nor have I had any response by PMing Alan on this board.

Am I being impatient? 17 days seems like a hell of a long time to wait, especially when I provided them with all the requested info.


07-10-2006 12:48:31

Manual credit takes 10 [bea7e267e4d]business[/bea7e267e4d] days at most. If it has been longer, you did not give enough information in the manual credit.

Here is all the information you need to put on a manual credit report via confirmation email http//

If you did not put all of it, open a support ticket telling them to add the new information to your manual credit.


07-10-2006 15:03:55

Thank you VERY MUCH for your quick reply. I went ahead and updated my support with request with all of that info. I'll let you know when I hear back from TRAINN.