About to sign up for 3604free..who needs refferal

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06-10-2006 07:12:25

I am about to sign up for 360ffree.com

If anyone wants to pm me their link I will gladly sign up for them

Also if you could send along some tips with your link on different ways that you got refferals besides trading and the general ones they give you on the FAQ section

thank you


14-10-2006 12:22:58

This belongs in the trades section

... might get a better responce there


14-10-2006 13:09:05

[quote4d22d87af9="Xplic1T"]This belongs in the trades section

... might get a better responce there[/quote4d22d87af9]

maybe he already got a response. wink roll


14-10-2006 13:15:25

I pmed him about 20 mins ago...


14-10-2006 16:59:25

I pm'd him about 11000 minutes ago....


15-10-2006 23:23:51

Yeah I pm'd him on the 11th.


15-10-2006 23:26:02

He's probably still going "eenie meenie, miney, mo.."


16-10-2006 00:06:37

[quoteb9851334d6="kidd2108"]I pm'd him about 11000 minutes ago....[/quoteb9851334d6]

let me rephrase that. I pmd him that same day within a few hours.

In case you havent gotten it yet, even with all the wink , he signed up under me. roll


18-10-2006 16:02:16

^I'm guessing I pm'd him not long after you because it was a few hours after the post when I pm'd him too. Wish I'd logged on earlier that day P


18-10-2006 16:29:41

finishing this site is sooo hard. I think i need more friends.