TRAINN and approvals

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04-10-2006 21:39:19

From some stuff that i have been reading on this site..freepay has a tendency to dq a referall when you get them all this the same with trainn?


04-10-2006 21:46:11

i've found trainn to be very reasonable. they'll only red someone if they actually do something wrong. I'd say I've only had one referral go red that I didn't expect and this guy turned out to be a scammer later so yeah. Trainn's pretty good with approvals


04-10-2006 23:32:04

also to answer your question, most people who go red go red when u submit for approval b.c that is when the authenticity of your referrals are checked.


05-10-2006 05:22:47

lets say a couple of my referalls go I get in any type of trouble for this?


05-10-2006 06:21:24

[quote32e3d6ab5e="wcipods"]lets say a couple of my referalls go I get in any type of trouble for this?[/quote32e3d6ab5e]

yes, you have to find new referrals to replace them. The ones put on hold don't count toward your credit.


05-10-2006 07:59:05

BUT YOU do not get in trouble unless you are involved in them going red, like you referred yourself


19-10-2006 18:33:03

i think all that trouble is is just a big fat red icon next to your name

you just violated there terms of service, it doesn't mean your like some criminal, thats the reason they have people working for them to validate submitals and approve.


20-10-2006 17:24:25

how long does it take to get approved?


20-10-2006 21:37:41

The usual time is 5-7 business days.


22-10-2006 10:25:20

am i allowed to get more greens while a wait for approval??


24-10-2006 07:19:02

anyboyd can answer my question?


24-10-2006 08:22:28

i got 2 refferalls while waiting in approval


24-10-2006 08:48:11

ok, so does that make the process for approval longer?


24-10-2006 10:28:16

i was approved on the morning of my 8th buisness day


25-10-2006 17:26:15

i believe all trainn offers approve on the 8th business day @ 4AM Pacific Time


26-10-2006 06:12:30

[quotefbd4abc57c="Denkedoch"]i believe all trainn offers approve on the 8th business day @ 4AM Pacific Time[/quotefbd4abc57c]

Good to know ... I'm waiting on a few approvals wink wink

After approval, any "norm" schedule on payments?

(I've been in the ref scene awhile, i just now got around to finishing up some Trainn sites, sad.... hehehe)


26-10-2006 06:39:03

They send out paypal on Wednesday and Saturday. By the way, today is my 9th business day waiting for approval so they might be a little behind schedule.


14-11-2006 10:11:33

yeah im on my 9th buisness day too...on yourfreeipodnano


14-11-2006 11:47:13

Damn ( Sucks to see they're behind on approvals
They should up their employees who validate accounts, if they could make it a day or two, I'd do all their sites.