submitting for approval and dq's

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04-10-2006 14:50:39

i've just completed my first trainn and am about to submit for approval.

I have 5 referrals done. lets say while they are investigating my account, one of my referrals is disqualified.

what is the process that trainn does. do they give you time to get another one? and then you have to submit for approval again?

thank you


04-10-2006 14:57:59

If one of your referrals is DQ'ed your account will revert back to a normal completed status at which point you have as much time as you like to find a replacement referral.

When and if you find that replacement; if need be, then on occassion you will be automatically approved (if you meet undisclosed specifications) otherwise you'll be added to the back of the que and need to wait an additional 5-7 business days.

Hope that clears everything up.


04-10-2006 15:09:50

thanks alot +k


04-10-2006 18:06:50

I'm a noob and considering persuing this site. Does anyone know the various stages of approval and/or shipping before the iPod is actually received? For example, after you hit "request approval" what are the different stages after that and how long does each take? Thanks.


04-10-2006 18:37:03

TRAINN goes like this

1. Submit for approval. 8 business days until you're approved or denied.
2. Approved or Denied. If approved, you may now place your order.
3. Place order. You'll receive an estimated shipping date when you do this.

After completing DVDRecorders, my check arrived exactly 2 weeks after I placed my order.


04-10-2006 19:44:05

I got a DQ and then found someone to do a instant and was instantly approved. Submitted for 350$ paypal and got it the next morning at 3am! Trainn has always come through for me and there support is excellent.