LifeLock Offer

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03-10-2006 19:51:37

I'm looking at offers, and see LifeLock, which looks like a good one to me. The fine print on the exit T&C from Trainn's site say, in part
[quoteec6c523c62]Please note Use of a promotional or coupon code will invalidate credit.[/quoteec6c523c62]

In attempting to complete the offer, the coupon code box was filled with "NetBlue," who I believe is likely the publisher of the offer, and further on was a note "you qualify for a 10% discount."

Having read the T&C, I stopped completing the offer seeking clarification.

TTrainn, your comments please?


05-10-2006 16:53:28

I did the same thing. I saw the promotion code already entered and wasn't sure what to do. I'd like an answer too.


06-10-2006 06:44:12

I got a note from Trainn - they said that if it's pre-filled, it's ok to complete (therefore if the box says "NetBlue," then it's ok).

The offer is a great one. Relatively cheap and straightforward, and they provide a good service.