PS3 Launch Availability

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25-09-2006 14:07:32

I know the launch of the PS3 is still just under 2 months away, but do the people at Trainn (I'm directing this question at Alan), have any idea what availability will look like or when they can expect to ship the first batch of PS3 to people who have ordered them.

I know that Sony cut the number of units they were shipping to North America and I'm guessing that this affects Trainn's shipping times, so where do we stand in terms of a wait?

P.S. I ordered mine back in February.


Crouching Tiger Hidden Ga

25-09-2006 18:07:27

I would just get the paypal/check equivalent of $499!


25-09-2006 23:08:44

no you wouldn't. that option doesn't exist.