Web.com not crediting?

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15-09-2006 16:53:33

Hello, I did the Web.com offer on yournintendowii4free a few days ago and haven't received credit. I know its early to talk about manual credit. But i've heard that other sites/networks are having problems with this offer aswell. Has anyone gottent credit for web.com recently? How dose manual credit usually go with them?


15-09-2006 17:02:49

I did that offer and received credit in two days.


15-09-2006 17:06:12

Did it around a month ago. No "instant" credit, requested manual credit and still nothing.


15-09-2006 21:07:01

Web.com has never been instant, it's always been listed at at least 2-3 days (what it's been for the last month or so) or longer.

Manual credits work the as described. If you do not receive credit for something that you have completed the requirements for, waited at least 7 days after the normal reporting time to pass, did so using our site, and can provide us with the information requested to pursue a missing credit request (full email and header (both are mandatory, not optional)), we will confirm the sign-up and credit your account within 10 business days.



21-09-2006 18:42:55

Update put in for manual credit ( We'll see how this goes.