Nintendo Wii Platinum Bundle

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11-09-2006 19:17:20

So, the platinum bundle shows a picture of the console and 2 games. But, the description says that the platinum bundle comes with 2 games and an extra controller. So, question is, does it come with the extra controller or not? I'm assuming it doesn't since the gold bundle is the same amount of refs (7) and comes with 1 game and extra controller.


12-09-2006 12:14:10

I believe it does, I just think that the difference is that you do not get the wii remote? Alan, correct me if I am wrong


12-09-2006 13:05:36

I'm pretty sure that its just a typo.
But they havent changed it, so I dunno.


12-09-2006 14:51:20

ha ha... Trix are for kids.


12-09-2006 16:25:54

Well, after researching the Wii, it is rumored that it will come with 2 nunchuck controllers, so, maybe thats what they meant. In case anyone didn't know, Nintendo is going to release the price and release date for the Wii on Friday!


12-09-2006 22:29:53

So the date is Friday? I can't wait... I already have mine pre-ordered on Trainn with Zelda! WOO


12-09-2006 22:34:30

Well, i've seen a few sites speculating, but i think it will be announced then too. Hopefully TRAINN can get there hands on plenty of them right off the bat!

Edit I now see that it could be announced as early as Thursday!


13-09-2006 06:25:33

Nintendo is supposed to have a conference on thursday the 14th (tomorrow) and HOPEFULLY they'll give us some information on the price and release date.


30-09-2006 12:21:25

Well the press conferences of September have come and gone and we now know the Wii will not come with 2 controllers, so what's the deal then? Should I write this off as a typo? Or am I within reason to put up a stink saying that I should get an extra Wiimote + Nunchuk AND 2 games when I order my Platinum Bundle? I can't imagine why they wouldn't just fix this if it was a mistake...


30-09-2006 20:34:54

yeah i am confused as well. the gold is the same # of referrals and u get less...


06-10-2006 10:37:16

I would like to know this as well. I e-mailed them about it, but they ignored that part of the e-mail and just answered all my other questions.


06-10-2006 11:03:19

I think there was a topic on this at a4f. My guess would be they make the platinum 8 refs, but if they wanna makke us happy, they should just leave it by itself.


18-10-2006 16:35:07

I was just looking at it(my 7th ref went green D ) and it looks like the decreased the ref requirements on the gold offer... but now it's better than the silver for the same amount of refs. So, I'm still confused, but that makes me feel a bit better about the possibility of getting an extra controller with my platinum bundle.

Also... [quoted0dc7652d6]The Silver Bundle is the perfect option for the multiplayer and includes the Nintendo Wii system and a game of your choice![/quoted0dc7652d6]

That doesn't make much sense to me since the silver bundle is the one that doesn't come with an extra control... so why would it be good for multiplayer?

Oh well, so long as I at least get the system + 2 games, I'll be happy. If I happen to also get an extra controller, I'll be even more happy.


30-10-2006 17:30:29

So, does the Platinum bundle come with an extra controller or not?

And what two games is everybody shooting for???? All i can think of is Zelda