Trainn's New Look

Live forum:


05-09-2006 21:22:29

They changed their layout and added some new features. It's quite nice and looks fresh, but its running a bit slow right now.


05-09-2006 21:31:31

Yah, it has been running pretty slow for me, too.


05-09-2006 21:32:34

ditto wink


05-09-2006 21:37:08

Is it running slow for you on all of their sites? The only one that is lagging for me is the new wii site, which I just assumed was because there is probably a lot of traffic going through there right now.


06-09-2006 15:22:02

i think it's sweet that the progress bar increases when you go to the status


06-09-2006 17:23:17

The new look is fucking awesome. Looks really professional.


06-09-2006 22:40:27 and have been running slow for me, but I [b074e0f3f74]LOVE[/b074e0f3f74] the new layout.

Gj Trainn!