I think trainn should put lvl 2 offers on yf360games

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05-09-2006 19:35:08

I think Trainn should put the level 2 offers on yourfree360games.com. They could do the points thing like on their other sites or their wii site. Or just require 2 level b's to equal one full. This would make it so people could do more offers and get more games.


05-09-2006 21:55:11

they are there after u do ur offer (


06-09-2006 15:59:09

are they? are you talking about on the points one for 360 games? So like If I do an offer then I have the options to do the level b offers for more credits before I reset the account? Pls explain.


06-09-2006 22:49:57

I've never seen this "Level 2" on YF360G while doing the DIY way... Unless it's only for the refferal based system... which is pretty lame if true.


12-09-2006 10:25:28

i agree with this...i'm running out of level A offers to do!


12-09-2006 14:49:36

lemme check -> nope i was wrong, just hte amount of offers seems to be larger after u do your first offer (i am doing refs)