Trainn is Awesome!

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26-08-2006 06:35:10

Yesterday I did yourfreeflatscreens (points), did all my offers, and placed my order last night. Would you believe that this MORNING, $250 was waiting for me in PayPal?!

Trainn's the best network ever....


26-08-2006 08:44:49

that's awesome! how much $$ in offers did you have to spend? all the offers credited in 1 day as well?


26-08-2006 14:30:02

I spent $40-$45, which is much less than if I had to pay people to green for me. All my offers greened the same day...


29-08-2006 17:40:44

HONESTLY? is the BEST refferal company PERIOD. BEST customer service, they process fast and they never give you a hassel.

I've been doing alot of DIY sites recently but I had to come back and do the Wii site lol.

I've done 3 sites for and I wouldn't go with any other company