NetFlix Doesn't Work

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09-08-2006 11:39:58

I'm trying to sign up for NetFlix on flashipods4free, but the link is broken!


09-08-2006 12:54:48

That normally means the offer is removed at least temporarily.


24-08-2006 06:42:12

that is worthless considering it's one of the few sites that people actually enjoy subscribing to, and keeps more of it's people that sign up than probably any other site.


24-08-2006 11:48:25

It does work, but it appears that users HOSTS files are blocking the link from connecting. It is not a dangerous link, but it is a very common advertising network and most internet cleaners will block the major networks ads from showing. This is also the reason why you may see broken image links on our (and other) sites.

Here's how to fix it

Locate the host file
In Windows 9x and Millennium, you can usually find the HOSTS file in C\WINDOWS
In Windows 2000 & XP, you can find it in C\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC

Open the host file
It's a standard text file so I would recommend using notepad

Search for all entries and delete them
That is the url the netflix offer is running through. Be sure to remove all of the entries as it is very common to have many of them for each place.

Save the updated file, then click the link again

Alternatively, you could also delete the file without any harm.