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07-08-2006 23:22:36 i have had a yfvi account for a couple months......i didnt do an offer right off the bat and waited about 3 weeks....I then did video proffesor an "INSTANT CREDIT" after a couple days i received it in the mail.....but still no green on my account! I called video pro and they said that i shouldve gotten a comfirmation email, but i hadnt so i got my comfirmation #......ofcourse when i submitted it to yfvi they declined it and said they needed an authentic email. ARRRGGGG. so i gave in and a couple weeks later signed up for a facewash thing....another "INSTANT CREDIT" i have the wash but no green. I keep calling the facewash place and asking them to send me a comfirmation email but it never comes through....i have no spam filter on my one email account....i dont know whats wrong. Im sure its yfvi. and they are NOT BEING UNDERSTANDING!!!


10-08-2006 12:43:07

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10-08-2006 15:38:05

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ohh, that's hot.