is this normal

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24-07-2006 16:27:36

I have a ref who completed a Tickle offer on Sunday for He still hasn't been credited as yet, ven though they state he would get credit on the same day.

Is this normal for this site or is it just me not being patient.

As a matter of fact, my other 2 refs have done their offers for about 4-5 days now and still hasn't been credited.

Any feedback would be great.


24-07-2006 16:30:01

The reporting time depends on the offer. Tickle usually reports to us instantly once the sign-up occurs though.

If an offer doesn't report within 7 days of the sign-up, users are allowed to file missing credit requests and we will verify the sign-up and credit the account.



25-07-2006 08:45:26

Thanks for the prompt response.