Alan, question about resubmiting for approval.

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17-07-2006 07:34:49

Alan, I had two go red after 11 days of approval. Am I going to have to wait a full cycle again? Or is it going to be like a faster approval since I just got two more and just sent in for approval.

I ask this becuase the same thing happened to me on flash, but when I resubmitted I was instantly approved. This wasnt the case case this time.

Thanks a lot Alan


17-07-2006 19:42:56

you should worry about gadgets.free4me wink


17-07-2006 20:16:21

Zdub, right now my friend you will be green reallllll soon. Like next hour soon lol.


17-07-2006 22:35:37

We do have an instant review method and if an account is able to achieve a certain criteria, it can be instantly reviewed automatically. If an account cannot be scored by the system, it is submitted for manual review.