Shipping Problem

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13-07-2006 12:04:16

It is now July 13th and my Call of Duty 2 game has an Estiamted Shipping Date of July 12th, yet it's stll in Processing. My two previous prizes, Oblivion and Xbox Live, came on or before the Estimated Shipping Date, and went into Shipped in less than 2 days, both at the same time. What's going on?


13-07-2006 12:34:54

Estimated Shipping Date is only an estimate. It doesn't mean it will be shipped by that date.


13-07-2006 13:50:05

Well, I've finished Yourfree360games 2 times before, and from my experiences, the product has gone into Shipped and arrived at my house either several days before the ESD or on the ESD. I've never once had this happen to me and I've done many Trainn sites in the past...

It's just a really awkward change of pace and from what I can tell, something is up at Trainn...


13-07-2006 14:00:25

You can kill any conspiracy theories right here.

Shipment times are based on product availability and the source their being shipped from. Call of Duty (and two other titles) were briefly out of stock and could not be shipped as quickly as some of the others. They're now available again and will be shipping very soon.



13-07-2006 15:54:56

Alan, you rock, haha. I wasn't brewing any conspiracy theories, I was just thinking that maybe, just maybe, the Trainn staff was mutilated in a mothman related case. But apparently not, so thank you. +Kma.