Changing order after approval

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13-07-2006 10:09:35

There have been some threads about this topic but none really quite answered my question so if anyone could help that'd be great

Okay this might be a stupid question because I already read the 'Help' section on the YFVIP site and it said after your status is changed from 'Received' you can't change your order but I'm gonna try anyway My problem is that I had 1 referral come in after I placed my order and now I have enough referrals for a 60GB ipod---my status is 'shipping soon' and I want to change it to a 60GB ipod--I don't mind having to wait longer, but if anyone knows whether or not this can be done please let me know. Thanks.


13-07-2006 12:28:19

I had the same thing on the ps3 website...granted they couldn't fill my order even yet now, but I had a cancel link or something and was able to cancel on my order status page, and then I just reordered the better one.


13-07-2006 12:45:43

thanks for the reply....the thing is, I no longer have the option of cancelling on my order status page the link was removed after my order changed from received to shipping soon---so I'm not sure if I can cancel--I sent them a support ticket yesterday but no response yet.


13-07-2006 13:27:50

sounds like you're probably too late...


13-07-2006 13:46:01

yea--i think so too. I'll confirm that when they reply to my support ticket, but ah well. Thanks for your help.


13-07-2006 14:05:15

If it's already went to "Shipping Soon," it's too late to change it as the order has already been provided to the fulfiller and is in the process of being shipped.

At this stage, we are just waiting for the word that the item has been shipped.



13-07-2006 14:15:41

okay thanks