Help Alan..Account on hold..Screwed over minor issue

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11-07-2006 01:48:14

UPDATE...Finally got a response from Customer service after 10 days..that basically just bcoz I logged in from India..they have closed my account...WTF....I don't get it...they shud state very very clearly in their terms and conditions that we can't even login from outside..I am back in the US and cud have easily waited a few weeks to get my reward...DAMN TRAINNN....After Freepay another bad experience..did'nt expect this from Trainn and got NO RESPONSE from Alan too...I thot he wud understand my situation and help me...((((((((((( I worked so freaking hard my my 6 greens...DAMN

Hi,I have 6 greens on and my loginh email= is is live in California but have been visitng India for the past 2 months,will be back in CA this week.I have all my referrals checked out and then placed an order for $250 paypal..but now my account has been put on hold.I emailed to the customer support and the response I got was...

Your order was cancelled and account closed as you have violated our
and Conditions by participating from a location of which we do not
offer our
services to.

Alan plz help me coz I live in the US and got my referrals after a lot of effort..the only thing I did from India was check my account status and place an order.I don't see how I violated the terms .
Plz let me know how should I get my account back


11-07-2006 04:28:12

Did you let YFFS know why you were in India? Also, you have to be careful. Some sites like OrderIt4Free don't let you check your status from a different location...unless otherwise approved.


11-07-2006 21:08:35

1. A user MUST provide accurate information when registering. This includes name, email and mailing address. Providing invalid or falisifed information may, at our sole discretion, result in an account being locked.

2. Users may register for their own account. You may not, under any circumstances, register or participate on behalf of anyone other then yourself.

3. To participate on our site, a user must reside and participate from within the United States or Canada. [bbc2dc4ba00]Accounts created or pursued from outside these locations will result in the accounts being closed and all credits forfeited.[/bbc2dc4ba00]"

hopefully u can get this cleared up but that is where you went wrong (


11-07-2006 22:03:35

will trainn be lenient? hmm..


12-07-2006 00:01:18

[quote5e0923773c="akalic"]will trainn be lenient? hmm..[/quote5e0923773c]
i hope so )

I did an entire gratis site from Costa Rica, booya


12-07-2006 01:28:04

well you only placed the order from India correct? If you did the offer/signup from there then I can see the problem.


12-07-2006 05:28:46

I emailed customer support twice but with no response...Damn!! Help me Alan....


12-07-2006 07:05:02

[quoteb204c1c646="abstrkt"]well you only placed the order from India correct? If you did the offer/signup from there then I can see the problem.[/quoteb204c1c646]

hopefully it will be fine but like i said priya, in their TOS it states that you can't do anything with your account (pursue) while there...trainn is great though so hopefully u will be fine!


13-07-2006 06:20:19

The thing is I did not pursue my account from India at all...I had already completed my requirements from the US ...all I did was place an order from there... ( and worst part is still no response from customer service...who do I have to email to get a response.... (


13-07-2006 09:44:33

well, pursuing your account could mean
signing up
doing offers
placing an order
submitting a support ticket

hope it all works out (


15-07-2006 05:09:40

I sent @least 3 emails to customer service...NO I doomed ?????? (