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09-07-2006 22:49:27

Does anyone have a formal OFFER LIST for TRAINN? I can create one but thought if someone has it, maybe it can be posted. I have someone that's wanting to join one of my sites but wants an offer list... anyone? Buehler? Buehler?


09-07-2006 23:17:14

NEVERMIND... I just decided to create it myself...

Here ya go...

2 Day slimdown (instant)
20 minute facelift (instant)
Advantage language (next business day)
AOL w/Music now 9.0 (2-3 business days)
ATT Universal Platinum MasterCard (3-4 weeks)
ATT Universal Rewards MasterCard (3-4 weeks) (next business day)
Bellaplex (next business day)
Blockbuster (same day)
BMG Music Club (7-10 business days)
Celladerm Acne (next business day)
Celladerm anti-wrinkle (next business day)
Celladerm self tanning (next business day)
Citi Diamond Rewards Master Card (30 days)
Citi Platinum Select Card (2-3 weeks)
Columbia house (2-3 weeks)
Cortiban (instant)
Curb your cravings (next business day)
Dental Plans (next business day) (next business day)
Driverís Edge Platinum Select Mastercard (30 days)
Feel Serenity (5-7 business days)
Herbal Go (5-7 business days)
Keen (5-7 business days)
Miracle Burn (3-5 business days)
Mtv U citi Platinum Select Students Visa (30 days)
My Inks (Instant)
NetFlix (3-4 weeks)
NetZero (1 week)
NutraQuit (3-5 business days)
Online Business Systems (Next Business day)
OnLingo (Instant)
People PC (3-5 business days)
Pitney Bowes (next business day)
Red Blossom (next business day)
Southbeach Diet (next business day)
Tickle love (same day)
Tickle IQ (same day)
TriClear (next business day)
Trimlife (next business day) (next business day)
TruGenix Hoodia (next business day)
Ultima Weightloss patch (next business day)
Video Professor (same day)
VIP Visa (Next business day) (2-3 business days)
Zip.CA Canada (next business day)
Zooba (next business day)


06-08-2006 09:33:40

thanks, +karma


06-08-2006 09:53:21

wow thanks


06-08-2006 13:38:27



06-08-2006 23:09:21

OK I heard that tickle is removing themselves from all the freebie sites. I haven't signed up for anything new so I don't know if this is true. I should check my other TRAINN site...


11-08-2006 05:57:59

I couldn't find any tickle sites and I have checked 5 of the trainn sites lately