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09-07-2006 19:08:06

Does anyone else think 10 refs is a little much for a dvd recorder? Also, how come the number of points for each item varies among the different models of recorders, but when I switched to refs they're all for 10.


10-07-2006 20:02:12

I think it's a little high, too. Most of those recorders are going for $100 or less on eBay. If someone does 10 referrals for one of these recorders, TRAINN is making out bigtime.


10-07-2006 20:03:37

I don't know how you got that figure, the machines are all in the $350 & up range. The HD-DVD unit alone goes for $499.



11-07-2006 20:40:48

The site has been recently updated b/c the HD-DVD player was never there before, and I think the last toshiba listed there is new too....