Trainn Slacking off lately?

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08-07-2006 22:31:11

First of all, trainn is one of my favorite networks.. but lately, they havent been doing their jobs.

About a week ago, it was 2 weeks to get my approval, and after all that, it's been 11 days and I haven't recieved my payment yet(Check)

On a different site (YF360G) It has been 12 days since it said it was processing. It went shipped after 2 days. I don't think over a week is the regualr time for their shipping.

Maybe something's wrong.. or maybe I'm just impatient. Whatever it is, but it used to be alot better.

Anyone else have these problems?


08-07-2006 23:59:19

Checks are sent the next business days after the orders are processed (Wednesdays and Saturdays). Once it hits the mail system, the delivery times are beyond our control.

[quote4dbd43a4c8="JustBlaze786"]First of all, trainn is one of my favorite networks.. but lately, they havent been doing their jobs.[/quote4dbd43a4c8]

Emails and Support tickets are answered quickly (on most, turnaround time is within 2-3 days, if not sooner (as stated on the site), orders are shipped on time (well within the "usual 2 week" estimate) and accounts are reviewed as quickly as possible (oldest unreviewed account is from 8 business days ago, 1 day longer then the estimate.

How is that not "doing our jobs?"


09-07-2006 01:20:35

True^. I worded wrong.

Thanks for the quick job. But can i request a tracking number for the 360 game I completed offers for about 2 weeks ago?


09-07-2006 01:58:04

I believe your support ticket was answered moments ago for the request (which will certainly show that the delivery time has not been a result of any action (or rather inaction) on our part).

If that wasn't yours, please open up a support ticket and we will pass it along to you if it has been made available to us.


09-07-2006 02:39:46

It would be nice if you did a laptop site.....just sayin'.... ;)


09-07-2006 15:02:32

No no.. It was mine. Thanks alot. So it's all on UPS"s ass ;)