Quick Q: how long does it take to change account types?

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08-07-2006 17:14:51

I signed up with TRAINN last night, very fast and easy (kudos!), but I accidentally clicked the points system instead of referal. I've sent a request to change my account type, but I'm just curious as to how long it will take. Any help?


08-07-2006 17:45:59

I sent in a request for change on thursday, and sent another one today. Haven't heard anything yet.


08-07-2006 17:56:15

I guess they could be closed weekends. Hopefully Monday.


08-07-2006 19:04:18

Mine changed in one business day.


09-07-2006 11:27:12

Cool, they changed it today, on a non-business day! Thanks very much. )


09-07-2006 12:20:43

Mine still isn't changed (


10-07-2006 18:46:08

I put low urgency and it changed in 2 days. You could always be a jerk and put high urgency though.


10-07-2006 22:06:59

i've found they answer lower urgency first, then high.