Anybody have a problem with Zooba?

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05-07-2006 04:40:21

I signed up for almost six days ago on

I have yet to receive credit for it.

Has anyone ever had a problem with that site or offer?



05-07-2006 06:03:34

I did this offer a really long time ago, maybe 2 weeks, never credited, no confirmation email, requested an confirmation, they said they couln't do that, (

It was on yourfree360games btw


05-07-2006 08:29:18

I did it a while back, got instant credit. shrug That was a few months ago though...


07-07-2006 15:10:52

I've requested manual credit...and have yet to receieve it.


13-07-2006 15:51:13

Still hasn't greened!


13-07-2006 21:11:34

I'm waiting for one of my refs to get manual credit for a long time now...Also I did it on DIY site, and never received credit...Ended up just doing another offer.


13-07-2006 21:19:34

I did it two weeks ago and got instant credit. Good offer 3 books for 9.95 each. one a month