login problem (3604free)

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02-07-2006 19:29:32

i cant log into my 360 account and when i click to reset my password and enter my email, it sends me to a blank page....anyone else have this problem?

another question can i get paypal sent to a friends paypal addy, my account is in the negatives and i dont want to lose money, it wouldnt be fraud if i got paypal option to friends paypal right?


02-07-2006 19:31:15

I logged in just fine..


02-07-2006 22:07:05

Try the Contact link at the top of the page to send them an email.

As for the second question, I see no reason why they wouldn't allow it, as long as that address hasn't been used on their site before. Otherwise they may get suspicious.


04-07-2006 21:07:43

From my experience with trainn sites, when you request your password and you get sent to a blank page that means the account doesn't exist.