A question about 3604free

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30-06-2006 22:51:46

I tried searching for this but found nothing that answered my question..

What is currently the average time for approval and shipment from 3604free for it's non-bundled premium systems?

I'm thinking of doing this site.


01-07-2006 00:02:25

I think that TRAINN has their shit together and it's standard TRAINN approval times (10 business days max for approval, and quick shipping thereafter).

Someone doublecheck me there.


01-07-2006 00:05:39

I read on A4F, some kid recieved his 360 after 7 days exactly after placing order.


02-07-2006 17:21:15

Approved Sunday 360 received Thursday. So 4 days =]


05-07-2006 03:36:46

360's are well stocked and ship within a couple days of the order being placed.


05-07-2006 12:02:19

You could get lucky and have instant approval, but only if you qualify.

BTW We don't know the requirements.