Getting referrals after you submit for approval....

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30-06-2006 06:15:09

I was just wondering, if you get more referrals after you submit for approval, will that affect how long it takes for you to be approved?

I re-submitted my YFVI account on June 14th, and then I got two more referrals, the last being on June 24th--just in case I had some go red.

Thanks in advance for a response

PS-- I didn't see anything in this forum that answered my question-- sorry if this has already been posted somewhere.


03-07-2006 18:32:28

I think It may just restart your aproval time line, No worries though, with trainn its max 10 Business days anyway, And if it goes over 10 business days just throw them a friendly email, They're nice folks.


03-07-2006 19:39:05

thanks for the reply, I think thats what probably happened because I just got approved and the TRAINN rep told me that there was nothing that came in on June 14th (the day I submitted for approval) that they hadn't reviewed, so it must have gotten restarted when I got my two extra referrals on the 24th.