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28-06-2006 08:07:27

Hello Guys,
I got a doubt. I am from canada and I registered at flashipods4free. In the rewards section, I see "canadian 1gb shuffle and 512 shuffle". Does this mean canadians can only get those two or can canadians try for the 30gb video ipod as well???



28-06-2006 15:17:10

I saw that when I was doing the site too. I think it means that that shuffle will work only on Canadian comps. You should be able to try to get the other ones.


29-06-2006 22:43:44

I think the "Canadian" stuff is only available to Canadians, but you can still get the other items instead. I got a 30GB Video Ipod from Flashipods4free on Friday last week (w00t!!) and I'm in Canada.


30-06-2006 00:33:47

Canadians are eligible for all items on FlashiPods4free.com, however, if you are interested in an item that includes a "(Canada)" option, you must select that particular listing of it.