Crediting Glitch?

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20-06-2006 20:49:05

Okay, I completed Cortiban today for my flashipods site, and I was panicking because, it's been 30 minutes and still no credit. So I looked around the forum to check the "crediting problems" thread. Then I panicked some more... I was beginning to think TRAINN had crediting problems, so I looked through my other TRAINN sites, and then I found out that my credit for Cortiban went to ANOTHER SITE. It's true I have CLICKED on Cortiban to check it out, but the last click was on June 6, 2006 for my xbox360 site, which I already have completed. What should I do??? I don't need to do 2 offers on 1 site...

mr sparky

20-06-2006 21:09:29

This happens because the original cookie pointed to the other site. Just open a support ticket and they will switch your credit


20-06-2006 21:14:17

How long does this process usually take? I'm supposed to be completing the site for someone...

mr sparky

20-06-2006 21:32:24

Took one of my refs 1-2 weeks for it to process