List of offers for Trainn sites

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20-06-2006 10:07:01

Im guessing that all Trainn site has the same offers?

This is all of YFVI offers ----> http//


20-06-2006 12:38:32

hmm, this newbie is invisible!


20-06-2006 13:03:30

I think it is a very creative name. And yes, all Trainn have the same offers.


21-06-2006 13:03:19

Thanks for the praisals on the name D

I do however think that the offers vary between Trainn sites. I couldn't find a BlockBuster offer on FlashIpods4Free but I could on YFVI


21-06-2006 13:09:50

The offers do vary on a few Trainn sites... I've seen a few offers not on other Trainn sites.


21-06-2006 13:10:22

they do vary